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London City

London Based Firm 

Specialising in Human Rights, Public Law and Immigration Matters.

We are open 7 days a week

Expert Advice

Our lawyers are fully qualified. They all have extensive experience on all aspects of UK Immigration Law. 

Our director oversees all cases. She worked at the Home Office for many years, managing her own Judicial Review and Statutory Appeals caseload. She also trained new starters. Therefore, her 
experience is particularly unique. 

Fixed Prices 

We work on a fixed price basis. Therefore, our clients know exactly what their overall costs totals from the outset. Unlike many other firms, we do not charge extra from phone calls or e-mails. Additionally, we do not charge extra to send follow up correspondence to the Home Office; for example to provide further information or challenge a delay.
Reasonable Costs
Our focus in on providing a first class service to both individuals and businesses, at a reasonable costs. We pride ourselves on providing excellent value for money. 

We manage expectations by throughly assessing each case from the outset and providing each client with an honest review of their case and their chances of success. Our clients are then able to make an informed decision on how they wish to proceed. If our clients decide to instruct us for full service, our consultation fee will be deducted from our full service fee.

Service Standard

We work towards set internal deadlines; these deadlines are based on the Home Office's service standards. Therefore, if there is a delay with an application, we inform our client at the appropriate time and contact the Home Office for an estimated timescale, free of charge. In our experience, this usually results in a decision being issued as soon as possible.
We Really Care
Each member of our team have been through the UK immigration process. Therefore, they are particularly empathetic. They work hard to secure the desired results, where possible. 
Constant and Prompt Communication
We keep our clients informed every step of the way, by their preferred means of communication.

We assist our clients with their application, by advising them from beginning to end. Should we identify any weaknesses, we inform our clients and ensure that this is addressed in our legal representations, in order to greatly enhance their chances of success. 

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Virtual and in person consultations

We offer both virtual and in person consultations, which means we can assist clients from all around the world. 

Book a consultation
Book a consultation with one of our experienced Immigration Lawyers in the United Kingdom. We offer consultations by e-mail, phone, WhatsApp audio or video, Skype, Zoom and also in-person. 


Our Offices

30 Moorgate



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The Charter Building 

Uxbridge, London


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The Maylands Building  

Maylands Avenue 

Hemel Hempstead 


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014 4293 4988
 We are open 6 days a week 
 Mon- Sat 9am-7pm

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Company Profile

A K Harriott Immigration Lawyers is a trading name of A K Harriott Immigration Lawyers Ltd. Company Registration Number 7997685. Authorised and regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner in the United Kingdom, Ref: F202100315.

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