Accessibility Statement



We are committed to ensuring that our website meets high standards of accessibility and usability. This site has been build with accessibility features, so visitors with disabilities or impairments are able to get the most out of your site. ​

Text Resizing


If you have a general problem with the size of text on websites (ours and others) there are typically three ways of increasing the size:


Change Operating System Preferences

You can change settings within Windows, macOS, iOS and Android operating systems to increase the size of text used - this makes all text on your computer larger (not just websites).


Change Browser Preferences

You can change settings within your browser to increase the default size of "normal" text - this has the effect of enlarging the text on all the websites that you visit (provided those websites have been built in an accessible way).



You can increase the level of browser zoom at any time to enlarge any web-page - the effect is to zoom-in to the page just like enlarging an image. All browsers support this feature, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge.


Reporting Problems


If you are experiencing difficulties in using this website, please contact us at